Pricing is based on the size of the home as described below. Please contact me for price quotes on properties larger than 5,000 sq feet.

Apt & Condo

up to:
1,500 sq. feet
15 photos
1 hour onsite

$175 Photos

$100 Floorplan
$100 Virtual Tour
$200 Video Reel

Standard Home

up to:
3,000 sq. feet
30 photos
2 hours onsite

$225 Photos

$150 Floorplan
$150 Virtual Tour
$250 Video Reel

Luxury Home

up to:
5,000 sq. feet
40 photos
3 hours onsite

$275 Photos

$200 Floorplan
$200 Virtual Tour
$300 Video Reel

Video Tours $200+

Video walkthrough tours begin at $200 when scheduled with standard photos. If you would like to include any actors, voice-overs, graphics, or animations, please contact me for a custom price quote.

Specialty Photos $100+

Add any of the following specialty photos to your appointment for $100 – up to 5 images each.

  • Community / Neighborhood Photos
  • Twilight / Dusk Photos
  • Aerial / Drone Photos

Advanced Editing $20

Advanced editing is only $20/photo and includes all of the following edits:

  • Day-to-Dusk Conversion
  • Sky Replacement
  • Television Overlay
  • Trash/Debris Removal
  • Lawn Enhancement
  • Fireplace Rendering

Virtual Staging $20

Virtual staging is only $20/photo – You wont find a better price anywhere.

Service Area

The prices above apply to properties located in/near Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Specifically, these areas include Montgomery County, Prince Georges County, Arlington County, Fairfax County, and Washington DC. Additional mileage costs may apply outside these areas.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations with less than 48 hours’ advance notice will be charged a $100 cancellation fee.

Terms of Delivery

All of my photographs are high-resolution images created using professional cameras and lighting equipment. All images are compatible with MLS guidelines and will be made available in JPG format for download within 48 hours of your appointment. I will maintain backups of the images for up to a year.


I accept the following forms of payment: PaypalVenmoCashApp, or check.

Copyright Notice

In accordance with current copyright laws, including but not limited to United States Copyright Act 17 U.S.C section 106, the photographer (William Cook) is the owner of all photos / images produced under this agreement and hereby retains full copyright to all photos / images. The client (You) is permitted to use the photos for personal and marketing use only. The photos / images may not be sold or reproduced without the express written permission of the photographer.